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Meadow Pets

Pet Care Services

About Us

Meadow Pets was started in 2016, and its mission has always been to look after your pets as if they were our own, with all the love, care and attention that involves.


We like to replicate their routines as closely as possible, so you can return to a relaxed and calm pet, whose only concern is what gifts you have brought them.

We have our own fluffy masters; and have looked after a wide range of pets with their own needs and wants, so understand that no two pets are the same, and therefore tailor our care and approach to each individual.


Our Services

1 x Pet Visit Per Day -  £8.50

2 x Pet Visits Per Day - £17.00

3 x Pet Visits Per Day - £25.50

Bank Holidays - £12 per visit

We offer up to three visits a day in order to maintain your pets routine, and to care for them as you would.

This includes feeding, changing water, cleaning litter trays, play and cuddles, if they are in the mood.

We will also administer medication if required.

We can also water plants, adjust curtains and lights, put out your rubbish/recycling and generally make your house look occupied whilst you are away. We don't have any logos on our vehicle so not to advertise our presence and imply your house is unoccupied.

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